Solar Panel Systems for Businesses

A professionally installed solar panel system on the roof of your business premises may last approximately 20 years or more, meaning that despite the initial costs, the amount you are likely to save on electricity bills in the future will be many times more. Your business can now allocate the extra resources to other areas. For companies which are liable for carbon tax, a solar PV system will also reduce the amount payable from the tax due to the reduction in your emissions.

An example of a Commercial PV investment is illustrated below:

  • A 10kW system produces an average of 44kWhs a day for 20 years for an initial outlay of about $12,000.
    The same amount of energy if purchased at an average of $0.24/kWh over the next 20 years would cost about $77,088.00
  • The system generally has a “pay back” period, or the time taken to recoup the initial investment, between 4-5 years [ sometimes much quicker see case studies ] depending on the geographical location of the business as well as the current cost of energy for the business i.e. not taking into consideration the climbing cost of electricity
  • As the size increases, the payback period generally decreases due to scale savings passed on to our customers. This investment ensures you peace of mind that future hikes in electricity prices will not adversely affect your business due to the nature of the solar PV systems acting as a natural hedging tool.
  • At Hot Solar we can offer easy finance at competitive rates and in most cases your solar system savings will cover the leasing costs.